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Who We Are?

We are a team of professional photographers who have a clear and deep understanding of DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY AND CINEMATOGRAPHY.”

1. Who are we?

We are a team of professional photographers who have a clear and deep understanding of Indian weddings. Our team members, distinguished wedding photographers of commendable repute, have been in the Indian Wedding scenario for a long time. So, we all came together to create Candid Cinematic Feel, a venture, which not only promises best quality candid wedding photography and cinematography solutions but also with a Deep Feel of a Live Event.

2. What is Candid Wedding Photography?

The word “Candid” means truthful, frank, straightforward, that is to say “as you are”, ingenuous, complete, absolute and pure. Candid photography, therefore, involves creative candid shots, which are not posed for. You might have heard many people confess that most of their best photos are those where they are unaware that they are being clicked. Candid photography better captures the “moments” that make the wedding memorable. This does not mean that we would make you look weird or loony but would try to capture you at your natural best.

As opposed to Candid photography we have traditional wedding photography or normal photographs which you have been seeing from times immemorial. A look at your parents wedding album would give you some idea. Candid wedding photography focuses more on the creative aspect, the aesthetics of the Indian weddings. A picture with a tear glistening on your cheek while you try to smile at your groom is way better than you giving a plastic smile and staring straight at the camera.

3. Why should I go for Candid Wedding Photography? Why not traditional photography?

Well… you might not. It is totally up to you. But the USP of Candid Wedding photography is that more attention is given to the couple, the close relatives and friends who make your wedding memorable. It is supposedly the most important day of your life and we intend to freeze it that way, for eternity. No one usually likes looking at photos of some distant uncle eating gulabjamuns at the wedding reception 10 years down the line where you won’t recognize the uncle and the gulabjamuns long since forgotten.

4. Why KGMI? There are many Candid Wedding Photographers in the market.

We at KGMI understand that every wedding and every couple is different. We solely operate on “your wish is our command”. Many people are camera shy, also many love the camera and the camera loves them back. We meet the couple and try to understand their temperament and work on their urge. Also, the best thing about Indian weddings is that every wedding is unique, customs, traditions and festivities vary a lot. It is very important to understand the intricacies of every traditional aspect of the wedding. Our experience and expertise comes handy in looking for those moments in any and every type of wedding.

5. Does Candid Wedding Photography focus only on the couple? Will all the guests be covered if I opt for Candid Wedding Photography?

The answer to both the questions is no.
Candid Wedding Coverage gives priority to the couple as it is their big day, but we definitely don’t miss out the people important to you. Your friends, family, cousins and most people are the ones that make a wedding a “Celebration”, without them in the photos the whole fun and frolic would be missed out. But we cannot guarantee that everyone would be covered as already stated.

6. Do you also provide Traditional Wedding Photography services?

Though we specialize in Candid Wedding Photography, we also provide complete wedding photography and videography solutions. We team up with traditional photographers to make it work for you. It is just that Candid Wedding Photography is more challenging on the creative front and that is what we love to do, so, we couple traditional wedding photography with our Candid Wedding photography services, but don’t usually provide only traditional wedding photography coverage.

7. Why do you charge so much? A friend of mine has a DSLR and would do it for free.

Let me explain it to you in 3 basic points;

Firstly, whenever you hire professional services you get the best of everything, be it Doctors, Lawyers etc. Professional put in a lot of efforts, time and resources at honing themselves to acquire these skills which leads to perfection in their work.

Secondly, for you your wedding ceremonies/celebrations end with vidai, but for us photographers, it is not accomplished until we give you the processed photos, videos, album/photo book etc. this takes another 15-20 days of hard work. So for us one wedding takes up almost 20-25 days of constant indulgence.

Thirdly, by hiring us we can guarantee you a certain quality and timely service. Your friend may or may not be able to promise you these. The difference in quality can be magnanimous. It would be wise to go through the works of your friend before you trust him/her with the most important event of your life.

For all the above arguments you might state “that’s your job” and I might retort “still you ask?” because everyone knows that a job pays.

8. What is processing? Do you charge extra for processing photos?

Processing in digital photography is synonymous with photo development in analog photography. To make the photos aesthetic, pleasing and to create the “wow” effect we process the photos. We do not charge (and I hope no one does) for processing photos.

9. Though my wedding is a 2/3 day function, I want Candid Wedding Photography for a single day. Would you provide candid wedding photography for a single day/function?

We can provide you any service you ask for, but we suggest you don’t do that. Candid Wedding Photography requires involvement, the more time we spend with you or the more time you spend in front of the camera, the better would be the outcome (photographs). Even if you hire us for a day, you would be investing money with us and it would not do justice to your special moments. So, invest wisely.

10. What would be the mode of payment/Advance/schedule of payment?

We accept cash, cheque, online transfer, etc, whatever you are comfortable with. We take 40% as booking advance, the remaining 40% after the shoot and the last 20% after we deliver the photographs and final matterial.

11. Will my Wedding Photos be displayed on KGMI.NET or any other media by KGMI.NET?

We won’t putting your photos on display if you you don’t what to. Everyone appreciates beauty, and if your photos are beautiful, artistic and elegant, we would love to share them with others. We understand that some people have reservations regarding their photos being shared on social media platforms, but then we also want everyone to appreciate the essence of the Weddings.

12. Do you shoot outside Jaipur?

Yes, we do shoot outside Jaipur. We love to travel and would be more than happy to serve you at any location of your choice only thing is that would increase the cost from normal charges as one day shoot takes 3 days out side where 2 days goes in traveling.

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