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Brand Strategy

Does your old branding hold you back? To maximize your brand’s potential, you need an effective strategy. Your organization will gain a strong identity and a viable presence in your local community and around the world through this methodical approach. At KGMI, we provide comprehensive brand strategy consulting services that can help elevate your brand to new heights. Learn more about our brand strategy services below and schedule your FREE consultation today to learn how we can help you create a winning brand strategy.

Brand Development Strategy
It is important to invest in your brand from the very beginning in order to create a strong, sustainable foundation for your business. Whether you are a startup looking to launch your brand, or an established business in need of a new brand to maintain your competitive edge, Marstudio can help you strategically plan and build your brand for long-term effectiveness. To learn more about our brand development services, please contact us.
Brand Alignment Strategy
An effective brand is consistent. Through brand alignment, you can ensure that each customer experiences your brand in the same way across all channels. As a team at KGMI, we can help you establish a consistent messaging strategy, colors, icons, fonts, and more to represent your brand, no matter what medium you choose. We help businesses create consistent brand identities across all their promotional materials, from brochures and websites to social media. If you'd like to learn more about the brand alignment strategy services we provide, contact us today.
Visual Identity Strategy
With the advancement of technology and communication, businesses require a variety of logo styles that increase their brand appeal and versatility. A variety of communication means require different branding concepts. At KGMI, we specialize in creating logo families for all businesses, regardless of industry. Whatever marketing medium you choose for your business, our logos will have the greatest impact and visibility. Contact us for more information about our logo family design services. In our portfolio, you can view a number of our logo designs under the branding section.
Branded Environment Strategy
Choosing the right brand for your brick-and-mortar store is as important as choosing the right brand for your business cards and website. Your store or office environment is a great marketing tool considering it is often the first impression and / or last impression a potential client or customer has. Whether you need a physical studio or a virtual one, Marstudio is an expert in converting your brand to a three-dimensional environment. Our team can create resourceful, attractive, and imaginative physical environments that embody your brand. Our experience includes designing custom wallpapers, wall decals, window ads, and impact walls. You can benefit from our insights on what would work best for your space and your brand, as well as placement and design advice. Branding plays an important role in forming a well-recognized retail or office environment. Through our expertise, we will transform your space into a well-branded communication tool. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our retail environment strategy and design services.
Brand Architecture Strategy
A brand architecture encompasses multiple brands organized under a single organization. The brand defines both the corporate and sub-brands, as well as how they interrelate. KGMI specializes in working with large and continuously growing companies, and knows how to determine the best way to organize your corporate brand and sub-brands so that your corporate structure is understood easily. As well, we have vast experience creating distinctive sub-brands that still fit within and support the overall corporate brand. Contact us for more information about our brand architecture strategy services.
Naming Convention Strategy
In communicating what and who you are, your company name is the first opportunity for you to distinguish yourself from your competitors. We take a very methodical approach to understanding your organization's end goals by conducting extensive research. We then provide creative, thought-provoking business and brand names that act as a catalyst for building a strong, influential brand to support your organization. Remember: A strong name is crucial, but a strong brand backing that name makes the name meaningful and memorable. Contact us to learn more about our naming convention services.
Messaging Strategy
The KGMI team is dedicated to helping you develop an effective story that tells your brand story across all mediums. By understanding your organization's core values and products or services, we help develop a narrative that communicates your competitive advantage(s). Still not sure what you want to say? KGMI will analyze your website, brochures, PowerPoints, and more to identify your message and write it in a clear, concise manner specific to your organization. Additionally, KGMI can help you develop targeted messages for your company's unique audiences. Targeted messaging reflects your established style, but speaks to the values and interests of a specific audience. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our messaging strategy services.
Digital Business
A digital business blurs the line between the physical and digital worlds. This is the framework by which business and the real world interact. People, business, and things are coming together in an unprecedented way through digital business, disrupting existing business models, including those based on the Internet and e-commerce. KGMI is aware of this shift and has prepared for it. We are poised to help you create a convergence among all of your branding and marketing efforts in the digital and physical realms and manage your digital business as efficiently as possible. This will help you become a disruptive agent in your industry and become a pioneer in your field. To learn more about our digital business strategy please contact us today.
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